Epilog Laser Job Management Software nu tillgänglig för hela den aktuella produktlinjen

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”Perfecting din laser parametrar och maximera ditt material är en av de största delarna av framgång i laserindustrin. Den Epilog Job Manager ger kunderna en stor möjlighet att utveckla en anpassad arbetsflödet bearbetningssystem som gör det möjligt för dem att få ut det mesta av sina Epilog Laser system och vi är mycket glada över att göra den tillgänglig för fler av våra kunder”

Mike Dean, vice president of sales and marketing for Epilog Laser.

Golden, CO (Aug. 18 , 2014 )

Epilog Laser, the leading designer and manufacturer of CO2 and fiber laser engraving, cutting and marking systems, is excited to announce the company’s popular Job Management Software is now available for all machines currently in production (Zing 16, Zing 24, Mini 18, Mini 24, Helix, Fusion 32, Fusion 40, FiberMark 24, and FiberMark Fusion). The software can be downloaded at: epiloglaser.com/tech-support/epilog-drivers.htm

“The Job Manager is revolutionary in how it essentially allows users to create their very own custom files structure, which helps them streamline their engraving processes and significantly reduce downtime,” said Mike Dean, vice president of sales and marketing for Epilog Laser. “Not only can users access job time recorders, a materials database and much more, they can tailor the software so that they can easily locate and replicate jobs at the touch of a button.”

Epilog’s Job Manager features:

• Permanent Jobblagring - permanent lagra ett obegränsat antal arbetstillfällen.

• Job Recording – Automatically record all of your jobs and laser parameters.

• Project Time Stamp – Date and time is recorded for each laser job.

• Organisera och sökfunktioner - Skapa och namnge ett obegränsat antal mappar och undermappar och interaktivt söka efter tidigare projekt.

• Multiple Machine Database – Perfect for those with numerous laser systems connected to one computer.

• Material Databas - En fullständig material databas med processparametrar laser för vanliga material.

• Print Preview – Zoom in and preview every pixel of every job – you can even review and edit laser parameters and print from the preview screen!

This is the second non-beta release of the Epilog Job Manager and in addition to the features above, the software now offers multi-language support (Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese), and multi-page jobs.

“Perfecting your laser parameters and maximizing your materials is one of the biggest parts of success in the laser industry,” Dean said. “The Epilog Job Manager gives customers a great opportunity to develop a customized work-flow processing system that allows them to get the most from their Epilog Laser system, and we’re excited to make it available to more of our customers.”



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